Ambitious Ideas

My Main Goals (for Today)

So I thought about it for awhile and yes, I will begin a blog series. I don’t know how successful it will be, but I will try to get out a blog at least weekly. I’m going to cover some house-keeping things in this blog.

1. First I will establish I am no artist, and NONE of the art on my page is of my own work. It is from Deviant Art or from DC government websites. The male character portrayed in the image is “America, the Hero” from the Anime Series Hetalia, a series devoted to the interactions between nations of the world, if they were all people.

2. I am a Classical Liberal in the European Sense, meaning I am a Libertarian in the American Sense. What that means is that I don’t operate often on Social issues. I don’t believe the government should facilitate in removing social traditions or furthering them. In fact, the government I prefer is an amoral entity, since it has no soul. I would advocate having MORAL LEADERS, but a MORAL state is something that will gravitate to seizing the religious and societal power.

3. I am going to use a bunch of terms, and I will try to explain them. At the beginning of each article, I will address one term that I feel is an important thing to learn for the day. What that means is that there will be two things to get out of each article. First, you’ll get a snippet of political science terminology and become a better citizen and voter. Second, you’ll get the weekly briefing on some type of affairs in the world.

4. I will cover the following issues in my article: EVERYTHING. That being sad, I will try, and sincerely try, to avoid doing two things. Critically insulting one group and supporting one, as I see problems in politicians from both parties; I also will avoid using swear words, or “profane” language. However, as the environment in DC is one of unprofessional nature, I hear swear words every day, so I apologize in advance if I use a term that is “offensive” to you.

5. I encourage commenting and questioning of my opinions on this. I will try to get to this as often as possible. If you see a piece of information that is interesting, or you would like to have a blog-written opinion on something, you can contact me on my facebook, twitter, or my email address associated with this blog, .

6. I understand that in order to effectively carry out political debate in an efficient and sincere manner, it is important to remember the two KEY features of debate. One, all contenders must be honest and present the sources they are coming from or quoting, meaning you will be held to defending your arguments. Two, THERE SHALL BE NO INSULTING OF OTHER COMMENTORS. (I cannot stop trolling effectively, but I want to present an environment where bully tactics are not permitted.)

Who I am?

My name is Michael McKinney. I will go by certain terms that have been given to me over time from friends and associates. When I am giving a point of instruction, or answering a question about political science, you can refer to the name “Master Tagan” (as a joke really). When I approach an article that clearly has TWO sides, I will give an argument from Michael McKinney, and Michael Tagan. Michael McKinney will always be my own personal opinion, and Michael Tagan will always be the argument of my opposite.

If you feel that I have portrayed an argument incorrectly at some point, and you believe that you can more carefully and succinctly argue the side, email me your write-up and I will post it as a “Addressing the Public: #, and then the topic”

My aim is to present topics in a similar manner to the Federalist Papers, and allow arguments/discussions between people, but civility is my greatest concern. CIVILITY will be maintained on my blog.

Barring nothing else, you can always contact me on the various channels of internet communications, and I am always near a laptop/computer, and so I can adequately respond to topics. I am thinking about updating this every Monday at least, but if I feel ambitious enough I will take on a second day.  Perhaps Friday or Saturday as a “week wrap” kind of thing.

Bringing Discussion When Civility Dies
The Classical Liberal, Michael McKinney


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