Results of the Polling: The Discussions to fall

Since we have a 5 way tie for topics, it’ll be left to me, your gracious writer on Civility to determine the order of topics.

So we’ll be going in this order.

Blog #1: Diplomacy of the Ukrainian Sanctions, what the EU, USA, and Canada might do now that the truce has been broken.

Blog #2: International Violence: What’s happening in Venezuela and Syria that you may or may not know.

Blog #3: Illinois Politics: What’s The Democrat Party Doing this week? (This may become a weekly mini blogging, noting that my home state is in fact a Democrat stronghold, though its policy-making is quite erratic these days.)

Blog #4: US Politics: So those no longer gonna be FCC monitoring, can they come back legally? Also Jimmy Fallon’s declaration of no politics on late night and what it means for late night comedy.

Blog #5: Economy: Why Girl Scout cookie sales and Tax revenues can sell marijuana in some states and not others, or why is “Illegal-Legalization Doing so Well.”


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