Personal Religion: Step One, Recognize the Internal Problems

While I like this song immensely because of its message in my personal faith, I find the video and the concept of the video disappointing. I have for some time now, wondered why my fellow Christians feel the need to have society, government, or other people justify and recognize their faith as real. I’m not saying that people who seek to find the truth of their religion internally, or within themselves are bad, but those people who demand that society be forced to acknowledge the possibility of God.

I love GOD and I want him to be shared with the world, but the message of Christ is one that is spread from heart to heart, via sincere and loving, but open and honest communication. It is one about how to improve oneself, better oneself, hold oneself to a set of higher ideals and virtues, while denying things that make us just like the animals, like becoming slaves to desire and vices.

Maybe I missed something along the way, but the life of Christ is shared from the soul to another soul, it cannot be found in evidence in merely the physical world. It must account for the life experiences of the individual and their reactions to their lives. The faith is not shared and appreciated when we demand the right to be respected or known. Christ began his message in hostility amongst his own people because he was a threat to authority and power. The early Christians were viciously persecuted because they called on the poor to live moral lives greater than their economic betters, and to embrace concepts that made them more than mere tools.

If you attempted to scientifically figure out “what a Christian was” you would wind up in the same place as those who try to figure out “Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, and Liberals.” I realize this must be funny, coming from a political scientist like me, but the everyday, normal human shouldn’t be obsessed with what makes a Christian, so much as what makes THEM a Christian. My job is at best finding common trends, its not “science” like biology and chemistry, but more like “science” in psychology.

I don’t actually care if people believe in the God I believe in. Its not apathy in this situation, but its outside of my power to influence that opinion, so I realize that my powerlessness is something I cannot control. I realize that humans have free will to choose, to have faith or to lack it, to be good-hearted or to be wicked, to embrace their monsters and animals, or to deny it and elevate their sentience.

But overall, I realize that my faith is a personal walk with God that will not reflect the same experiences anyone else has. But if my walk with Christ is truly something great, then I will be a person that will inspire others to chase after the prize I do and the virtues I aspire to. Most of all, if I am really the Christian I want to be and say I am, then people will look upon my life, alive or dead, and appreciate that my faith made a positive impact in my life and made me who I am. And even though my parents taught me how to act and behave, they taught me in the light of that religion, meaning that really all my behavior is from a God-enlightened perspective.

If you are an atheist, agnostic, or non-Christian, that is your choice and as always, I hope that it brings the fulfillment necessary to be the optimal human being you can be for mankind. My personal faith calls me to set of standards I hold everyone too, not because its a way to lord it over them, but I want to be more than animal and progress only happens when we push from it, not embracing it. If you find a power that does that for you, embrace it. That is between you and whatever you call yours, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I don’t need your permission, or vice-versa, and I will never worry about your opinions and likewise you shouldn’t about mine.

Which is my problem with this song: The thesis of it is that by being preachy and telling the world to stuff it harshly and rudely, we will somehow encourage Christians to be better. That was my problem with the majority of “God’s Not Dead” the movie. I really hated the idea that Atheists are the bad guys, when Christians shouldn’t think that. There are two evils in this world, those that do harm to our fellow man, and the Devil Himself. Outside of these two forces, anyone else is but a bystander in the war of Good vs. Evil. Atheists, Agnostics, and Non-believers should be like that to us. They are the precious people who will attest to our actions after we are gone. If WE ARE MONSTERS, they will proclaim us as such, but if we truly are good people, they will highlight our virtues because we dared to make humanity a little better while we were alive. So we shouldn’t consume any more time trying to disprove science, or prove God is alive. No instead, we should act as if God is alive and live a life of the calling that such a statement brings.  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

HOWEVER, at any point that I start trending to anti-humanity, anti-rational behavior that hurts human productivity, expansion, and progress, feel free to call me out for it. I will do the same. This is the land of Extremism, it is what makes ISIS a threat, or Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the dozens of tele-evangelists who make money off of poor people who don’t understand they are being used like sheep for their wool, and then led to a slaughterhouse. Such behavior would be against the Fruits of the Spirit and Denial of my own Religion.

I think regardless, any being will appreciate our attempts to uplift our fellow man and raise our attitudes to be above what they were yesterday. if however, you live a life of decadence or you refuse to better yourself daily, you might as well be the enemy. I’m no prude, I’m not a saint, but a sinner. However, that doesn’t mean I excess without regard to the consequences of my own actions. And to refuse progress is to fear change and responsibility of oneself.

Can we both agree to go take care of the terrorists and monsters now? They really are terrible beings who harm innocent people, who already suffer from disease, malnutrition, and lack of water. Whether they cause physical harm, emotional abuse, or economic duress, these are all methods of holding our fellow man beneath our heels rather than raising them to our equals.

If however, you live a life where you don’t give a damn about the well-being of your fellow man, then you might as well be the monster. I’m not a good guy, and I don’t wear a white hat, but I do know that there are people hurting and we can do sincere good at home and over there. Not just through guns, but through love, participation, cooperation, aid, rebuilding, creating, and giving industry to these people to then uplift their neighbors and families.

And maybe that’s my preachy Christianity. But that’s a whole lot easier to deal with than the “Fire and Brimstone” folks, right? I mean, I just want to help people because I am called to.

Are you going to call me crazy because I love strangers and want what’s best for their and my children?
I guess by natural standards, that is pretty insane behavior. But its what Jesus would do…

For those who want to know the song I am talking about, here you go.


One thought on “Personal Religion: Step One, Recognize the Internal Problems

  1. Amen. Yes, let us please fight the monsters and terrorists. For all my hate (and sorry Michael, but yes, it is hate) for organized religion and the Catholic Church in particular I am more than willing to put that argument on hold while we get our shit together as a Nation and do what we do best, stomp evil in its pie hole and build a golden age for humanity. *sigh* Humans, all this history and still making the same mistakes. Honestly sometimes I do wish you all were right and there was some cosmic/divine justice coming to the monsters and terrorists but I don’t think you are. That said it seems we both agree regardless it does fall on us the living to see to it here. At least that way we make a better world for those that follow us.

    Excellent article, look forward to reading more. 🙂


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