History of Russian Space Aggression

History of Russian Space Aggression

So in my last major paper at school, I wrote a minor summary of Russian space history and made allusions to the theory of sea power when discussing space power.

I had the assistance of a good friend, and he is the co-author on this paper, and assisted me with converting the technical ideas into something easier to explain. I am posting it on this blog to be seen, as nothing I wrote in the paper is anything from classified or secretive sources, its all public information. Feel free to share it if you like. We realize that this paper is not a full review of the subject in that a book could be written on the subject. I think for future efforts, there is a wealth of knowledge to discuss Russian successes and failures, American successes and failures, current Space Policy of Russia, and the current (or rather lack thereof) Space Policy of America.

There is also plenty more to write on comparisons to Mahan’s theory, and the history that created Mahan’s theory, and how comparisons between sea power and space power
show that a need for a focus on the weaponization of space by rival states, such as Russia and China, is vital for the security of the American people.

For those interested, the link below is the PDF of the paper.
Space Power Theory