The Iowa Caucus

If you aren’t following the first of the primaries running through this election season, I am going to give you the link to RCP, which shows the breakdown of the caucuses for both the Democrats and Republicans.

For the Republicans, TED CRUZ beat Trump. Trump BARELY beat Marco Rubio. The combined total of the 3 men was 75%, meaning that at least 75% of the state’s Republicans wanted nothing to do with Establishment candidates like Jeb Bush or John Kasich, or Chris Christie. For a state that is traditionally liberal and Democrat, the fact that there has been an anti-establishment surge tonight proves most of my rhetoric real. I was worried Trump might win, but I hoped that Cruz might edge him out simply because Cruz is the right kind of warhawk. (As opposed to Trump, who would rather fight Saudi Arabia, China, and Mexico rather than Iran, Russia, and ISIS).

For the Democrats, it is still to close to call for the state, Bernie Sanders is losing by barely an amount, and that means for the two candidates, THEY WILL HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF DELEGATES, meaning IOWA IS A BUST FOR HILLARY. The Democrats also tonight, despite the fact that many cringe towards supporting an outright Communist who opposes elitism, 50% of the Democrat Party is anti-establishment tonight. I was right tonight about this, and if I am 100% right, by the end of the night, Bernie should win by 2 or 3 votes.

What does this mean? NOT MUCH SERIOUSLY. STOP BELIEVING THAT IOWA AND EVEN NEW HAMPSHIRE MEAN ANYTHING. Let’s take this New Revolution, the New Republican Party vision where men like Cruz and Rubio lead our Party, to the future Reagan dreamed of in 1976. Here’s why Iowa doesn’t matter for Republicans. Here’s why Iowa might matter for Democrats, but more for why we Republicans don’t care about Iowa.

In the end, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul (the top 5) have no guarantee that tonight will mean anything tangible. However, it can define momentum (and may be a turning point for Ted Cruz, not Trump, but Cruz). It also might be the death of some non-competitors tonight, like JIM GILMORE (WHO IS THIS GUY?) who GOT ZERO PERCENT. SERIOUSLY, I HAVEN’T HEARD OF HIM. Or people like Jeb Bush, who got under 3% of the vote. Nothing like less than 5% on the test to tell you that you have no Charisma, no Reputation, and no Credibility to build a campaign on.

The fact is, tonight is exciting because we have votes. Trumpmania has been temporarily rebuffed, but not ended. Hillary’s inevitable rise as the Democrat nominee despite scandals, a history of anti-women policies, and pro-wealthy/pro-corporation attitudes, has been challenged successfully. That’s tonight’s story in Iowa.


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