My Appearances on the Square Circle

Last night, I appeared on the Square Circle again, which serves as a non-partisan roundtable on political discussions. I enjoyed last night, like I enjoyed two months ago. It’s a somber reminder however that my father passed away two months ago. In fact, December 11th was the night he was rushed to the hospital, and by the time I informed everyone of this video back on December 12th, he was already gone. I enjoy being on the Square Circle, but for me, as a son, it hurts the most to know my father will never get to tell me what he thought of my appearances on television until it doesn’t matter anymore.

For those who haven’t seen the first of my appearances, I am posting the link here.

And because my dad really liked the band Heart, here’s a song that I enjoy and I remember him liking as well.

There a bittersweet joy I have in doing these appearances. I know I can reach more people and maybe the example of civil discussion with folks will sway minds. But for my father to never tell me ‘good job’, or ‘you could have said this’, that hole will never heal. It may dull in the pain, but it will always be there. I honestly enjoy doing these shows and I hope that they are enjoyable and thought-engaging for folks.


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