Detente, Rollback, and Withdrawal: Donald Trump on Foreign Policy

So Donald Trump gave a speech today in DC on foreign policy. The organization involved is the Center for the National Interest. You can watch the speech here on YouTube, and I think that it is actually a pretty understandable and worthwhile speech to hear. You may not agree with the man or his ideas, but I think many people will find themselves nodding in agreement, given the disciplined nature of the speech, it’s clear that Trump took his time and tried to actually sound coherent/reasonable/intelligent on the subject of Foreign Policy. Below are my notes on his speech, abbreviations of key points, and what seemed to me like logical assumptions.

For those who don’t know Detente is conceding the enemy their sphere of influence but demanding absolute respect for yours. (Henry Kissinger defined this)

Rollback is refusal to accept their right to a sphere of influence and fighting militarily, politically, or economically to take it back. (Ronald Reagan defined this)

Withdrawal is the recognition that we have no right to the adjudication of the world and whatever happens globally is meant to be without American or a national involvement. (President Obama’s foreign policy)

Trump clearly hedges a line closer to Detente but he seems acceptable with Light Rollback as a policy. He clearly articulates an opposition to Withdrawal however.

1940s – Nazis and Japanese Imperialism
Cold War – Totalitarianism and Communism
1990s – The End of History and Aggressive Nations
As time went on, we didn’t develop with the times. Foolishness and Arrogance replaced logic. Blunder after blunder. Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria; each action gave room to foment chaos and prosper ISIS.
The idea that Western Democracy can be exported to non-democratic cultures is wrong. We destroyed the cultures there and wondered why hell broke loose. Trillions of dollars and a power vacuum that came to be, filled by ISIS and Iran. No vision, no purpose, no direction, no strategy.
5 Main weaknesses in our foreign policy.
  1. Over-extension, massive debt, low growth, huge deficit (trade and financial), poor resource management, poor military maintenance.
  2. Our allies are not paying their fair share, the free rider dilemma. Allies have to contribute to their own political, humanitarian, and military costs. They feel no obligation to honor our agreements with us and yet demand our contribution to their stability. NATO has only 4 nations maintaining the mandatory 2% GDP military quantity. The US must be willing to cut out those who will not aid us in aiding themselves. Common Defense and Security.
  3. Our friends think they cannot depend on us. President Obama hates our current allies and loves our rivals/enemies. Iran Deal is all about this; a nation that hates us exploits the President’s ideology to nuclear arm itself. Iran will never be allowed to go nuclear while Trump is President. Not to mention the embarrassment of how Iran captured our sailors and humiliated them. The Iran Deal is the result of failing to believe in brinksmanship and rollback, and only going for submission. You must hold your agreements, your treaties, and your alliances. Obama gutted military missile defense in Eastern Europe and supported the radical rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt despite it being an allied government to us. Obama lacks moral clarity, and Biden declared Israel responsible for it’s own victims to terrorism. Obama helped Iran rise to be a regional power, at the expense of Arab allies, Israel, and the US. We pick our fights with our oldest friends and they will go elsewhere.
  4. Our rivals do not respect us and do not take us seriously. They are as confused as our enemies. When Obama arrived in Cuba, he wasn’t welcomed by the leaders of Cuba, the same thing in Saudi Arabia. The President uses the clout inefficiently and idiotically. We do not prioritize the right commitments. Humiliations after humiliations. North Korea is being allowed to expand nuclear armament, China has been allowed to attack the American economy and refuses to leverage against Chinese imperialism by economic and military means. We can use our leverage to crackdown on North Korea. He has allowed China to exploit our vulnerable cyberdefense and get away with stealing our data/secrets from us. If the President’s goal was to weaken us, he succeeded.
  5. No coherent foreign policy, bombing and eliminating a dictator; the next day we let it fall into chaos and civilians die, despite eliminating the dictator for said civilians. The Obama and Clinton Interventions are Chaos and Disarray, failures epitomized. Christians are allowed to suffer genocide and intense persecution by ISIS. In a war against Radical Islam, without naming the enemy, how can you ever solve the problem? Hillary Clinton won’t say the enemy either, while arguing for massive refugee dumps. The failure in Libya allowed Benghazi to occur and Hillary let the consulate fall for the sake of herself. She was not awake to receive the call to save the Ambassador’s life. Now ISIS makes bank from Libyan oil, and we don’t bomb or blockade the oil. It’s like we don’t know what is happening or don’t care, and maybe that is true.
America is going to be reliable and great ally. It will be humanitarian and a friend to the world again, but with coherent policy and based on our interests and the shared interests with allies. NO MORE NATION-Building, we must create stability. Politics ends at the water’s edge leads to great history, both parties must create a non-partisan strategy that carries America forward, not one divided on partisan lines. Whether complex or simple, policy driven by pragmatism is better than that driven by feeling.
Contain Radical Islam, not just in the US, but the world. It is a military and philsophical struggle, like fighting Communism. We need our allies in the Muslim world and suffer from Radical Islamic attacks and violence themselves. We should work with any nation threatened by the rise of such militants, but they must also be good to us; no one-way relationships. If they don’t want our help or will respect our efforts, no need to help those ungrateful folks.
There are dozens of cases unknown for each one discovered. We cannot vet or critique the immigration crisis from Syria and Libya. We can prevent San Bernardino, the World Trade Centers, or other kinds of terrorist attacks if we take the time to learn how to critique the migrant. We won’t tell how or when we will crush ISIS, but we will destroy them. We must be unpredictable in our efforts. If we timetable our wars, the enemy will act to outwait us.
Rebuild economy and military, Russian and Chinese have expanded military capacity. Our nuclear armament requires renewal, optimization, and maintenance. We have significantly cut our active and reserve forces in all combat forms. Obama plans to further cut the expenditure even more, and we ask our military leaders to worry about Global Warming rather than actually protecting our nation. We have no need to end our hegemony and we cannot allow anyone to encourage our military decline.
But with our debt, we need to address the problem, and we need excessive reform in trade, bureaucracy, immigration, and labor. Our workers and citizens should be #1. Our technological superiority should be operationalized. Cyber-warfare, AI, and 3D-printing.
We must be complete in our absolute resolve to support our warfighters and our veterans when they come. Our veterans have not been treated fairly or justly.
Businesses do not succeed when they lose sight of their core interests. Likewise, the American foreign policy losing focus of America First has caused us to stumble. We focused more on raising China and Brazil, respecting Russia and the EU, than we did stop Al Qaeda, prioritizing our interests and citizens, we did not stop terrorism against us. Main Points of the Trump Foreign Policy.
  1. Middle East = Must be defeat terrorism and regional stability, not change. Be aware of the groups who will always hate us. They will always be the enemy. Recognition of colors, friend or foe. Generous to our good friends, crushing to our enemies.
  2. Peaceful desires, but we must not be blind or adversarial in spite to Russia and China. We can share ground on Islamic terrorism and fighting such crimes. We can only see eye-to-eye through military equality. Trump will find out if Russia is reasonable, then we will walk away from the tables of talks. Same with China, a pure respect solely for strength. By letting them exploit us, we lost their respect. We can both benefit, or go our separate ways.
  3. Summit for our NATO and Asian allies. Rebalance financial commitments, and reform how to fight our common challenges. Update the mission and structure, focusing on migration and Islamic terrorism. Deploy force will be used as a last resort, but we should only fight when we can and will win. We will never waste lives needlessly. if there isn’t a plan to victory, there is no deployment. Peace and victory, not war and destruction. Consistent and deliberate foreign policy. Reckless Pusillanimity/Withdrawal has ruined us, Pragmatic Detente/Light Rollback will save us.
  4. We will use economic warfare selectively and total determination. Only used when we are abused in trade. We will enforce our Red Lines. Aggression isn’t my first interest, Restraint is a sign of Strength, not a Blustering of Guns. The Iraq War gave Iran control of the Iraqi Oil Fields. We need men and women of practical pursuits, not those who are ideologically similar to me or what I want. We need NEW voices to take charge, cultural purge of the Obama/Clinton regimes. Reinvigorate Western values, not accept inferior cultures. Better to be involved in public diplomacy and people-to-people relations than militarily changing peoples.
  5. We want old enemies to be friends and old friends to be concrete allies. The power of weaponry is our greatest threat and we must ensure a world comes to be without their excessive use. Why are so many politicians concerned with foreign borders rather than our own. The priorities are wrong, the American Worker is the First Priority. No country has ever prospered that failed to put it’s own interest first. Friends and Enemies put themselves first, why don’t we do the same? No longer surrendering to the false song of Globalism. The Nation-State is our view of reality, internationalism without reason cannot be trusted. We will not cede control of our own affairs. NAFTA has hurt us more than helped us. We will bear consequences against those corporations who abandon the US and then try to come back to our soil.
The success of America is not wrong, and the peace of the world is the greatest when America is the greatest it can be. We are the best peacemakers, the best policeman of this globe. But without a strong America, we cannot ensure global peace. But we need wealth and respect, to be a great establishment of Order. This can be the most prosperous and peaceful century for America if we aim for these ideas.

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