Dr. Thomas Sowell and the Grim Choice

Inspired by what Dr. Sowell wrote in National Review today, I decided to write some obvious facts we all know, or we have at least awareness of about this election. For better or worse, for whichever candidate you decide to endorse in the end by voting for, there is no happy option. This is the Devil’s Gambit, and we must as a nation, consider how best to prevent either Devil from destroying us and the land we love. This is the hour so many fear in Democracy, when ignorance, apathy, and villainy inspire our choices to be the Oligarch-Sellout or the Hatebreed-Demagogue. Tell me which is better, and I will mock you with the distaste in my mouth about that candidate.

I have already in my head made a choice, not one I will defend or claim is good, but necessary for the sake of my own belief in the Democracy. If I cast for neither candidate, but a third, my vote will mean nothing in the annals, a silent whimper as the flame passes to the next President of the United States. If I don’t vote at all, my anger will mean nothing for my silence shall not be recorded in history. No, only my words and those things I say to people have the potential to be remembered when people look back at this moment.

These are the facts I think Dr. Sowell sees and that I have thought about when viewing this election. I don’t want to shape anyone’s perspective nor do I care at this point about who 
YOUR choice is, I just want you to know, “you are making the worst decision you could make.” Kindly put, the two choices are will wind up in the same place. Our Economy versus our International Policy; and given how both candidates could in reality turn out to be bad at everything, we might see a tomorrow where neither continue on. Given the potential of control that both will have, we might see at least a balancing and status quo continue for both. But if the status quo is the best we can do, we are already doomed, so then we must look at the society and think about what kind of leader we want to inspire us when something arrives, like a crisis? Is the man prone to rhetoric and that’s as deep as he ever thinks, a man who can inspire? Or is the woman prone to selling what she can for the highest bidder best equipped to lead us forward?

1) Both “Presumptive Nominees” of their parties are AWFUL.
2) One will destroy us culturally, even if they keep the peace internationally, they will bury the ideal that has made America, and they will encourage the constant slide to philophilia. This is a term I invented from Plato’s Republic, which is defined as “The love of loving” or rather, implies that rather than having obsessions or desires to pursue, we pursue the pursuit instead, losing sight that love is suppose to inspire us to great things, rather than to waste our lives away.
3) The other will destroy us culturally, even if they repair the economy domestically, they will sever the ties that have kept the world believing in the Order that America has offered and maintained since World War II.
4) America is already on an unsustainable path financially where we will have to choose our economy or our internationalism and yet, a reasonable man or woman could guide the waters in such a dark hour. Reasonability in our choices is not something we have. In one candidate, we have someone who responds like a child to criticism and rebuking; in the other candidate, we have someone who serially buries righteousness and truth for the sake of their career and money.
5) People are hostile, regardless of where they reside; my commentary on the needs of the electorate to find scapegoats through social politics and ideas such as nationalism has come to fruition. Were I a bitter man or a man hateful of his fellow countryfolk, perhaps I would be glad to be right in this moment, but the best I can be though is sorrowful that I was right. Proud that my view of history and reality is correct, discouraged that so many people prior to this moment in the political world had no such view of history or reality.
6) Humanity is like cockroaches, they (including all of us) will find a way to make it through today and see tomorrow. We delude ourselves with God-like power if we think we our capable of wiping ourselves out. We delude ourselves in arrogance if we think that without “us”, humanity cannot survive. Humanity will endure, and it will flourish down the road.
7)As much as Donald might destroy the economy instead of repair it, Hillary could drive us to nuclear war because she doesn’t comprehend our enemies’ and rivals’ intentions. Yemen, Syria, the Iran Deal, and Libya. If those define her legacy of awareness to peoples’ and leaders, then optimism in her leadership I lack.
8) There is no right choice, no better option. Both candidates are bad; one candidate has a legacy of bad, the other has a rhetoric of bad. Your choice is based then on perspective and pragmatism, rather than actual ideals (Save those who believe in one of these two). You can believe that a legacy doesn’t define a person today or that someone’s rhetoric is not who they are. Which option is better will only be recorded by history, because ALL of our eyes are jaded by our perception.
9) We all want our children and the future to be bright and we all think that something has gone wrong to prevent that. What remains to be seen is how best to carry that through into reality, from present to future.
If you need a warning sign about how Hillary doesn’t live in reality fully herself, she’s already pitching Bill Clinton as the Economy Czar of her future Presidency. Isn’t the electorate angry because of the things he did, like signing NAFTA, and sending young men to needlessly die in Somalia?
Don’t preach to me about choices, don’t fill your Facebook/Twitter/Blogs/Social Media up with threats and hatred, don’t become a reality denier or a hatemonger simply because you hate one of these candidates.
I have seen many of my friends become hatemongers in their warpath to destroy or support Trump. You’re becoming him, and that’s what he wants. You don’t kill a hatebreed by joining the flock or creating an opposing hatebreed against it.
I have seen many become reality deniers and acceptors of falsehood because you want Hillary or you think that you’ll keep your nice things if a Republican doesn’t win. I don’t think you fully realize that Hillary will do whatever the heck she wants because she will finally not have to sell herself for power. For those who see her oligarchy and fail to see the Tyrant rising, folks, you need to share whatever drugs they have given you. They’ve taken you to a place where 1+1 must equal 4.
And for folks who like thinking about historical analogies to the modern period, here’s a write-up by Michael Barone at National Review
And for those thinking my criticism of the Burr-like political dance Hillary does is an endorsement for Trump, his Jeffersonian Hypocrisy disgusts me. But on election day, I will choose one. A man I admire in the place of history once discussed such a choice, and made his. I find myself leaning like he did in that moment, wondering if the only good option is to plan how to survive today, and win back tomorrow.
The transcript bearing all of Hamilton’s hostility to both Burr and Jefferson can be read here. Whether it is because of this election or because of what comes afterward, God has put me on a path that will lead to reduced commentary on politics (potentially nothing at all), a silence for a time*. Perhaps it will be necessary, because if the hostility and toxicity of politics in this cycle doesn’t diminish in four years, being a talking head may not be an enjoyable or safe career to be involved in. Not that I choose safety over the truth, but I have been placed in a position where it will be inappropriate to discuss politics with such intensity that I have. As such, it is fitting that I write as I have on this moment, for this might be my last commentary on politics in a public fashion. Hilarious as well to me is that this would be the election I talk so fiercely on for a final time.
*I have accepted a job within the federal government, and like my time at the State Department, it is inappropriate for me to comment so partisan on politics with the position I will be taking. I am ecstatic, excited for the opportunity in front of me and grateful that God has given me this door to walk through. But it also means no more blogging on issues, television appearances, or Social Media writing. This is the path I have been given, so as I pray that whatever choice you make this November gives you peace or ease of illness, so to I pray that you and I remain safe, prosper, and continue to enjoy this world as we have previously.

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